Monday, October 29, 2012

Carman Hike

Yuriko and I did a session of restorative Yoga and followed that with coffee and a pastry at the Carman Bakery. We then went for a hike on the Carman walking path. It has several footbridges (my favorite) and an amazing number of trees. Half of the time it was hard to imagine that we were walking in town.

Lots of crunchy fallen leaves.

Yuriko at one of the bridges.

It was a chilly day but by this point we were starting to warm up.

The Boyne River is frozen over but not strong enough to walk on I'm sure.

This plant was still  green in spite of the below freezing temperatures for the past few days.

There were a lot of trees with the bark scraped off like this. Deer sharpening their horns?

We finished off  with Robin's delicious home made tortillas with  black bean and beef sauce.

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