Monday, October 22, 2012

Moosehorn Weekend

This weekend involved several hikes.  We spent the night at a B&B in Gimli and the next day went on to the opening of an art gallery in Moosehorn.  On the way we stopped at Chatfield, Manitoba to visit this interesting museum. We only had time to view a small portion of it but definitely plan to go back soon. The picture above is a collection of old rusty pots displayed in a most interesting way.

There is a small cabin used as a B&B here too.

Here Lori and I are standing in front of one of the buildings.  You need to allow most of a day to see this place properly.

Everywhere you look there is something else of interest, both inside and outside the buildings.

This building is covered with hub caps, which I know nothing about. I did notice that there was an amazing variety.

All that old stuff required a pick me up of ice cream.

Here we are at the gallery opening with the owner,Jeff Monias on the far left.  Behind him are Irivn Head and Jayson Lucas, both artists.

Here is the gallery from a distance with the teepee set up in front of it.

We took a walk on the dike they had to build to protect the town of The Narrows from flooding last year.

As you drive across the Narrows you have lake on either side of you.

We enjoy back trails and small roads that lead to...anywhere.

This was the end of that particular road.

The Portia Marsh Boardwalk leads you across a swamp where you can see ducks, geese and many marsh plants that would normally be inaccessible by foot.

At the end of the boardwalk was a grassy path that we followed until we were attacked by wood ticks.

The pictures above were taken at a native spiritual site.

We made a pit stop (literally) at Narcisse to see the snake pits.  The snakes had mostly left but Lori managed to capture one for a photograph.

This is on the trail from one of the four snake dens to another.

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