Sunday, October 28, 2012

Another Version of West Hawk Lake

This was the park patrol. They were mainly after food.

The hikers in full gear starting off on our 10.5 mile hike on Saturday.

These trees were planted in 1956 and looked amazing.

The birds are obviously used to being fed but they wouldn't quite sit on Harold's hand.

And the food. Salmon BBQed  on good.

With roasted veggies, polenta and chicken wings.

The diners.

This is the entrance to one of the most beautiful trails in Manitoba.

It begins with a little waterfall.

There is a lot of bright green moss.

The river that winds to the lake.

It was raining a bit but that only made it more gorgeous. The moss and rocks glistened with moisture.

We climbed a rocky path..

And saw this grouse at the top.

McGillivary Lake.

But how do we get out of here? Studying the map.

One of the big rocks of the Canadian shield.

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