Monday, October 22, 2012

July 1,2012 Hike

On July 1, 2012 Harold and Lori and I went on a road trip to Boissevain, Manitoba.  On the way we came across this buffalo jump. We still want to come back properly dressed to scramble down the steep hill in the picture below and investigate the bottom of the jump. Are there bones? Arrowheads?

This is a view of the B&B we stayed at. It is a straw bale house. You can see the information about it here: Straw Bale house.  It was interesting and comfortable. There were some hiking trails on the property which we explored soon after we arrived.

The next day we went to Williams Lake and hiked the trail that goes up to a lookout and then around the lake.  It was a very hot day and we were very glad to take a quick dip at the beach when we got back to the car.

Food plays a huge part in our hiking adventures. This was the meal  we made at the straw bale house. Delicious as usual.

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