Saturday, December 15, 2012

Morning in Red Rock, NSW, Australia

The sound of the waves crashing into these isolated rocks along the beach is wonderful. The rocks really are red.

 This is the headland. There is a person standing on it so you can get an idea of the size.

There are several boardwalks leading from the beach to town.

The sun was making the water look like pure silver. This was at about 7:30. I'd have to be out there by 5:30 to catch the sunrise.

These stairs lead over the dunes to Little Beach.

This is Big Beach.

This boardwalk leads from Big Beach to Little Beach.

The foliage here is so different from what we see in Canada.

 Here you can get a glimpse of Little Beach over the bushes.

The tide was coming in so the beach was quite small. At high tide it is mostly underwater.

This is a swampy area beside the road leading back to town.

The road to town.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

First Red Rock Hike

Carmel and I took a morning walk on the beach today. The weather is warm but not hot and quite windy.

 I'm feeling a bit windblown but happy to be barefoot on the beach.

Miles of beach and  not a soul in sight.

There were a lot of these Bluebottle Jellyfish on the sand
washed up by the tide.

Even apples enjoy the beach here in Red Rock.

We found this turtle shell on the beach. This was taken just before Carmel started retching from the smell!

The path up through the dunes to Carmel and Joe's house.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Last Hike of November

Harold and Lori and I went on the last hike of November yesterday.  We had to start later in the afternoon due to other commitments so we only walked three miles along the Trans Canada Trail.  It was pretty cold so I only took my gloves off for one photo. Therefore, this blog post is more about the meal we had after the hike.

 As an appetizer we had lobster tails which had been in my freezer for quite some time. It seemed a good occasion to enjoy them. We dipped them in butter and lemon juice.

 Lori mixed up a delicious salad which we rolled into Vietnamese rice papers.
We dipped them in peanut sauce or sweet chili sauce.  Yummy!

For dessert I made a fruit salad to eat with yogurt. The hike was good but the meal was even better!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Minnewasta Lake Hike, Morden

Today we didn't feel much like driving so we thought we'd walk the trail around Minnewasta Lake just west of Morden. It was a beautiful hike of almost 5 miles.

There was a thin layer of ice on the lake glowing in the sunshine.

The temperature  was just above freezing so we dressed warmly.

Who could believe this is within a couple of miles from town.

Here I was removing a layer of clothes. It was too warm with a sweater under my jacket.

Taking a bit of a rest.

It had been quite foggy all morning and at the end of the walk the fog  moved back in almost obscuring the sun.

Of course we always finish our hikes with food. These are a couple of desserts from Coffee Culture in Morden. I forgot to take a picture until they were half eaten.  That's a nice calorie laden way to end a hike.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Riding Mountain National Park

It was quite cold and snowing but that didn't stop us from hiking on Saturday and again on Sunday. We wanted to do the Grey Owl  trail but there was too much snow to drive to the trail head.

Snow on pine trees is a beautiful sight.  We got about 30cm or a foot over the  weekend.

This is a stairway leading down to the beach.

It was quite slippery. I was glad to have my trusty hiking poles.

The water was calm but looked very very cold.

This is the stairs we had just climbed down.

There was ice forming on the rocks.

We had a group of Magpies dining on bread crumbs on our deck.

This was taken on Sunday. There was quite a wind so there were waves crashing on the beach and the water had ice floating in it. Freeze up is near.

Sandy and I were trying to figure out the shortest way back to Elkhorn Resort where we were staying.

This is the tail end of  a deer.
We left on Monday morning and made it to Miami without mishap.  However, on my way from Morden to home I skidded on the glare ice and landed up in the ditch. I was pulled out by a kind school bus driver. I am very glad to  be home safe and sound.