Sunday, November 18, 2012

Minnewasta Lake Hike, Morden

Today we didn't feel much like driving so we thought we'd walk the trail around Minnewasta Lake just west of Morden. It was a beautiful hike of almost 5 miles.

There was a thin layer of ice on the lake glowing in the sunshine.

The temperature  was just above freezing so we dressed warmly.

Who could believe this is within a couple of miles from town.

Here I was removing a layer of clothes. It was too warm with a sweater under my jacket.

Taking a bit of a rest.

It had been quite foggy all morning and at the end of the walk the fog  moved back in almost obscuring the sun.

Of course we always finish our hikes with food. These are a couple of desserts from Coffee Culture in Morden. I forgot to take a picture until they were half eaten.  That's a nice calorie laden way to end a hike.


  1. Beautiful Joyce! Love the look of those desserts too.

  2. Seems strange to see snow already. Seems the hiking sticks are working out for you nicely.

    Love the lake in winter... beautiful.