Saturday, December 1, 2012

Last Hike of November

Harold and Lori and I went on the last hike of November yesterday.  We had to start later in the afternoon due to other commitments so we only walked three miles along the Trans Canada Trail.  It was pretty cold so I only took my gloves off for one photo. Therefore, this blog post is more about the meal we had after the hike.

 As an appetizer we had lobster tails which had been in my freezer for quite some time. It seemed a good occasion to enjoy them. We dipped them in butter and lemon juice.

 Lori mixed up a delicious salad which we rolled into Vietnamese rice papers.
We dipped them in peanut sauce or sweet chili sauce.  Yummy!

For dessert I made a fruit salad to eat with yogurt. The hike was good but the meal was even better!

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