Sunday, November 4, 2012

Second Carman Hike

The best hikes have footbridges. Since the Boyne River winds through Carman there are several bridges on the path.  This was  the first one and is brand new.

The Boyne River had a thin coating of ice on it.

Even in winter the colours are beautiful.

There are several of these benches placed at scenic viewpoints.

Yuriko and I leading the way since we already walked this path.

Whoever says hiking isn't a barrel of laughs wasn't there today. Behind us is a piece of tallgrass prairie that has been saved. It's hard to imagine that the whole area was once covered with this grass.

Not sure what we were all looking at here but it must have been interesting.

This signboard has lots of information about things you might see along the trail.

Here's a map of the trail. It's about 8 km long.

Who knew that birds could be alcoholics?? The rest of the article said that the birds had the livers of advanced alcoholics.

The Boyne River meanders all around the town.

There were these strange scrape marks on some of the trees. At first we thought it was caused by deer sharpening their antlers but the tree in the background had the marks so high up that it would have to have been an agile leaping deer.

This is part of a seniors' residence.

Of course, every hike has to include food. Yuriko supplied tea and homemade buns.

So very delicious.

Harold and Lori and I stopped at Boston Pizza in Morden on the way home.

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