Monday, October 22, 2012

Crow Wing Trail, Roseau River

The Crow Wing Trail is part of the Trans Canada Trail near the village of Roseau River, Manitoba.
We picked a beautiful day for that hike, with the leaves at their optimum colour. We did this hike on September 23, 2012.

The highlight is probably the suspension bridge over the Roseau River. It was originally built so that children who lived on the wrong side of the river could get to school. It was rebuilt recently to become part of the TCT.

Of course, every hike includes food and this one was no exception.

The river was quite low because of our dry summer, but very scenic nevertheless.

This is called an Oxbow, where the river makes a loop like a horseshoe.

Sometimes a bit of help getting up the hill is appreciated.

This is a milkweed plant that has gone to see. This plant is the favorite food of the Monarch Butterfly.

These photos were all taken by Lori Janzen.

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