Monday, October 22, 2012


On October 13, 2012 Lori and I drove the three hours to Pinawa to hike. Since we got there just at noon we decided to eat first and walk second. This time we brought hot soup in a thermos since the weather had cooled off quite a bit.

This is another of those footbridges we love so much.

The fall scenery was gorgeous.

I love the big rocks of the Canadian Shield.  There are none where I live.

This is a natural rock path.

There was a big early snowstorm in this area and there was a bit left in shaded areas.

Crunchy autumn leaves covered the ground.

Here I am standing on bedrock.

This rock is part of the Canadian Shield which covers much of northern Canada. The trees grow in the cracks and crevasses .  Pinawa is on the edge of the Shield so there is still quite a lot of soil.

Oh look, another swinging bridge!

This is a view of the river taken from the bridge.

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