Wednesday, October 24, 2012

West Hawk Lake

We rented a cabin at West Hawk Lake in the Whiteshell area of Manitoba last weekend. This guy (gal?) dropped in for a friendly visit and a bite to eat.

The hikers (minus Robin who took these photos) posing in front of one of the massive rocks that make up the Canadian Shield.

Some plants grow right on the rocks.

Notice the Bald Eagle on top of the tree on this island.  Nobody noticed it until the picture was up on the computer.

Moss grows on everything in this area.  This is the most beautiful hike we've taken so far.

It starts at this stream with a little waterfall.

More rocks. The colours and textures are wonderful, especially at this time of year.  It was either misty or raining all day so everything  was glistening with moisture.

I love the reflection in the water.

Most of the rocks are covered with this lichen.

The path followed this little stream most of the way.

We had to scramble down the front of this huge rock. Below you can see the swampy area.

That is McGillivary Lake in the distance.

I loved this path made of small stones.

Someone built this inukshuk on the rock face.

This little guy fluffed up his feathers to scare us but stayed put long enough to get a picture.

At McGillavary Lake.

Here we are debating the best route back to the car. We didn't get lost on this hike.

The rain was dappling the water in this small pond.

The moss on this log was the brightest green I've ever seen in nature.

We had to scramble down a steep hill to get back to the car.
All of these photos were taken by Robin Debreuil.


  1. I want to go with you on these hikes! This is my kind of landscape. How wonderful for you. Now I have to go look up Canadian Shield.

  2. OOOOh....Now I know what it is. I have seen areas like that in northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula but did not realize it covers such a large area.
    Learned something. :)