Tuesday, October 22, 2013


We left Bonnieux right after breakfast, heading for Roussillon.  We had found the start of the trail the day before so got away with no mistakes.

The trail was incredibly beautiful, following another dry stone wall.

The vines were hanging over the stone walls, many of them flowering.

This time we were following yellow and orange markers.

This part of the trail had a large hedge on one side and the wall on the other. Judging by the vines and moss growing on the stones, the wall  was very old.

Still on the right track!

Striding along, trying to make good time while it was still cool and the trail was flat.

I finally realized that this is a fig tree.  I had seen lots of them but the fruit on this one enabled me to identify it.

I love fresh figs!

This person is definitively ready for winter.

More snails. I never saw so many  snails in my life.

Here there were lots of different trail markers. I'm not sure what the green one was for but they were supposed to take a different route. The green markers may have been for cyclists.

We did follow a cycling path for awhile when we lost our orange and yellow markers.

Back on the hiking trail again. This one was stony but still quite easy walking.

A trail that winds through the bush is a  pleasure on a hot day, as this one was turning out to  be.

This harvested lavender field reminded me of PEI.  The red soil indicated that we were getting closer to Roussillon.

We followed this enormous hedge for quite a ways. It was impossible to see what was on the other side.

Here we are at a crossroads.

This was the highway sign, not the hiking trail.

The Pont Julien was about half  way to Roussillon.

There were a lot of  grape vines and signs of wine makers.  We probably should have gone in to sample some but didn't know if they had wine tastings. Also, we needed to get to Roussillon before dark since we had already booked our B&B.

 This was one of many groups of cyclists that we met. They were all friendly but in a hurry.

We had high hopes of finding an open restaurant in this little town because we hadn't brought any food with us. We did have lots of water though.

Everything was closed up tight. Too bad.

No wonder we are seeing so many snails!

Getting closer! The red cliffs are the proof.

Ah! Finally made it. But we had one more hill to climb before we got to the town center and some restaurants.

At last, a place to sit down and eat!

The meal. We had the Plat du Jour with a salad entree, chicken main plat and assorted pastries for dessert. It was one of the best meals of the trip. I'd like the recipe for that chicken!

 We had another couple of kms to walk to our B&B but were rewarded with a wonderful place to stay.


This is Roussillon from the road leading to our B&B.

Lori walked back to see the ocher mines  but I opted to stay at the B&B to rest my tired feet.

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