Sunday, October 20, 2013


We decided that since we had an extra day in Apt that we would take a bus to Goult.  Everyone told us that it was an amazing place. Turns out they were right.

We did a bit of  window shopping while waiting for the bus. Apt is famous for it's candied fruit. Delicious but very, very rich.

I sampled some lavender ice cream. Delicious.

Lori had chocolate. Also delicious.

Goult was perched on top of a high hill, so more uphill walking.  There were many old stone buildings.

The path was bordered with flowers and vines.

The road zig zagged up the hill with glimpses of a view of the forest in the distance.

Part of the trail bordered this dry stone wall.  There are a lot of stone walls in that part of Provence.

There were also stone houses.

And many more snails.

This house was completely covered with vines. They had cut a hole in t hem or the windows and doors.

What a beautiful entry to this house.

Goult at the top of the hill.

Narrow streets and old houses are the rule around here.

After that long walk we needed food!

This was foie gras with smoked duck. Unusual and rich but quite tasty.

The famous windmill of Goult.

And back down  the hill  to catch the bus back to Apt.

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