Monday, July 22, 2013

The Rae Trail Revisited

Yesterday we decided to return to the Rae Trail to see it in mid summer. The last time we went was early autumn.  Here is Lori all geared up with her new hiking poles and backpack with hydration unit full of water.

The trail meandered through lush bushland with lots of poison ivy lining the trail.  Good thing we weren't wearing shorts.

There were lots of gently  rolling hills and open meadows to enjoy.

I caught Harold in mid-stride. No wonder he is  always ahead of us.

This was a beautiful cluster of flowers, including wild Bergamot and Black-eyed Susans.

This trail opened onto a meadow where we had a picnic.

This sand hill was above the Assiniboine River. It was a nice soft spot to rest but the sand  was hot and we soon moved.

Here you can just see the river in the distance.  The water  was very high and quite muddy from all the recent rain.

Here we are on the final stretch back to the car. Right after this photo was taken by Lori it started to rain.  Soon after we were back in the car there was a downpour. Getting wet would have been no problem  because it was so warm but we were glad enough to be safe and dry in the car.  There was quite a lot of thunder  and lightning which would have been dangerous out on the trail. There were also tornado warnings which we only heard about after we got home.

We stopped for a snack in St Claude. Who knew they had such good poutine there???

There was also the more healthy alternative of Asian  soup which was also delicious.

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