Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hecla Island, May 18, 2013

Sandy, Christine, Sacha and I went on a hike at Hecla Island on the shore of Lake Winnipeg.  Although it was nearly the end of May there was still plenty of ice on the lake.

The ice had blown near the shore and was in little pieces that you could hear clinking together.  When we were up at Cross Lake, they called it candle ice.

The grass was beginning to turn green.

There was a lot of ice near the boat docks.

You can see the lighthouse in the distance.

The path through the bush was mostly dry, although there were some long leaps taken at one point.

Sacha as leader of the band of explorers.

This was taken from the top of an observation tower.

This was a strange limestone formation, entirely natural I'm sure.

It was a wonderful weekend with no rain.

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